Frequently Asked Questions

dplay FAQs

Why can I no longer find the QuestOD app on my phone?

QuestOD has now been renamed to dplay. If you have auto-updates switched on, then the app will have updated to dplay automatically.

Customers who own Apple devices and cannot see the latest version, or cannot manually install dplay on their device, should check that they have the latest Operating System installed. 

Those with OS version 11 and under will not be able to install dplay on their devices as older software is not compatible with the dplay app. 

Why can’t I find QuestOD on the App Store or the Play Store?

If you have the auto-update function on your device switched on, then the latest version of the dplay app will appear on your device app screen. 

If you attempt to search for QuestOD in the app store, you will automatically be redirected to the dplay app store listing. 

What is dplay?

Previously known as QuestOD, dplay is a free streaming service which gives you access to more live TV than ever, from Quest, Really, Quest Red, Food Network, DMAX and Home, as well as offering hours of catch up and box sets for your viewing pleasure.

We want you to be able to watch all of this great content wherever you are, so we’ve made it really easy for you to access your favourite content via the mobile and tablet app, as well as via your computer’s browser. 

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll need an active WIFI connection or access to 3G, 4G or 5G in the UK or Republic of Ireland. 

Please be aware that you may incur mobile data charges while using devices on 3G/4G if Wi-Fi is unavailable. Please check your mobile data provider tariff before streaming over your data network. 

What can I watch on dplay?

You can watch six LIVE channels:· 

  • Quest
  • Really
  • Quest Red
  • Food Network
  • DMAX
  • HGTV (formerly known as Home)

We also offer catch up content from these channels for 30 days after they appear on TV. Alternatively, if binging on box sets is your idea of heaven, then we also make hours of episodes available for you to watch one after the other. 

I still have the QuestOD app on my phone. How do I update this to dplay?

If you still have the QuestOD app on your phone, then you probably don’t have an auto-update function on your device. To make sure you always have the most up to date version of dplay installed, then please ensure you switch this on.  

Delete and re-install the app manually to ensure that you have access to the latest version if your device does not provide this function. 

You may also have older software installed on your phone which isn’t compatible with the latest version of the app. 

Why can’t I find via my computer’s browser?

Just like the mobile and tablet app, we have also renamed the QuestOD website. You can now find this at 

We currently have an automatic redirect that takes you to the dplay website if you had previously bookmarked, so you will always be able to find all the great shows you love, plus much more at its new home. 

Will I need to re-accept the Terms & Conditions now that QuestOD is dplay?

No, simply using the website and app means that you accept dplay’s terms & conditions. 

Will I need to accept the dplay privacy policy?

No, the privacy policy does not need to be accepted, it only needs to be acknowledged. This information is accessible via the footer section at the bottom of Customers who use the mobile or tablet app can view this information by tapping the three dots at the top right corner of the app. 

Will my bookmarked pages automatically redirect?

If you have bookmarked a page e.g. and then access the bookmark after the website URL has changed, you will be automatically redirected to the correct page on

Is it free to use dplay?

Yes, dplay is free to use, but you may incur data charges from your mobile service provider if you choose to stream on a 3G, 4G or 5G network.

Do I need to register to watch content on dplay?

No, you do not have to register at this time.

Which devices are compatible with the dplay app and website?

You can watch dplay on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or Android TV. Download the app for a better viewing experience from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The minimum operating system for iOS is version 11 and for Android version 5.0 on all models. If your device isn't running the required operating system as stated above, you will need to update your device’s software to a version which is compatible with dplay.

If you wish to cast content from your hand-held device or PC, then Chromecast is supported on the iOS and Android apps which enables you to watch our shows on a compatible TV. 

If you have an Apple device, then Airplay is also supported, enabling you to watch our shows on your Apple TV set-top box.

If you’re using an internet browser to watch content on dplay, please make sure you have the latest version and two previous versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Please note that Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge are no longer supported, and you should use an alternative browser.

Why can't I see all the programmes that have appeared on the channel?

We aim to make as many programmes available on dplay as we can, however, there are some instances where we are not granted the contractual rights to publish content to be consumed on-demand. 

In the case of live programmes where we don’t have the contractual rights, we will ensure the content is clearly marked as unavailable. The live stream will then resume as normal once the affected episode has finished airing. 

Can I watch dplay content overseas?

Streaming live and on-demand content on the mobile and tablet app, or the website is only possible if you are located in the UK and Republic of Ireland. You will be prevented from watching content if you are located in another country or region. 

How do I find a show to watch?

Finding content is easy on dplay. You can either browse and discover content via the homepage or by selecting Shows, Genre or Channels from the main menu.

If you know the name of the show, you can also select the Search icon and type a show title. If your search matches an available title from the catalogue, then you will be able to select from the on-screen search results.    

Another great way to discover content on dplay is via the What’s On section. From here you can access:

· A 15-day TV guide, which lists on-demand shows that aired within the last 7 days

· Shows which can be streamed live right now

· Future shows which will be airing over the next 7 days

Why is content not playing, loading, or throwing an error message?

To solve issues with playing content:

· Double check that your connection to the network is stable and active and that your internet service provider or mobile network is working properly

· Restart your device and/or reset the router.

· Try playing the video on an alternative internet browser or device.

· Disable the ad-blocker or any other browser extensions which are active (web only)

· If you are viewing the content from the phone browser via web, download the dplay app onto your device.

· If you are viewing content from the mobile app, please try using your phone's browser.

· Delete data from the browser cache and reload the page (web only).

Why can’t I watch a show on using my phone or tablet’s internet browser?

Please note that although you can access dplay via your mobile device’s browser, watching LIVE video content is not supported across all mobile or tablet browsers. We, therefore, recommend that you download the dplay app to ensure a good viewing experience.

Why can't I chromecast on the dplay app?

dplay and your Chromecast device may not be communicating effectively. We recommend the following steps to try to solve the problem:

Step 1: Check your mobile/tablet and your Chromecast device are connected to the same network.

Step 2: Check the connection to the network and that your internet service provider is working properly

Step 3: Close the dplay app.

Step 4: Unplug the power source from your Chromecast device, wait two minutes and then plug the power source back in.

Step 5: Wait a few moments for your Chromecast device to reboot and turn back on.

Step 6: Re-open the dplay app

Step 7: Try and cast your favourite show on your TV.

If the issue still occurs, please provide us with the following information found in 'Why can't I find the answer to my question?' at the bottom of the FAQs page.

I’m having issues watching video on Safari. How can I fix this?

If you have a Mac computer and experience issues playing content on the Safari browser, this is due to a Safari feature which blocks the autoplay function on video playback.

To enable autoplay, simply follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click Safari, then ‘Settings for this website’

Step 2: Select the Auto-Play section within the pop-up and from the drop-down menu, select ‘Allow All Auto-Play’ 

How do I clear the cache and delete cookies?

This can be managed in your browser by selecting ‘Tools’ and then ‘clear history’, ‘clear cookies’ or ‘clear browsing data’. Use the ‘Help’ function in your browser menu for instructions on how to do this for your specific browser.

I am seeing a ‘500 error’, what does this mean?

This is a rare error that occurs when the dplay server is not functioning correctly. We apologise for the inconvenience and will continuously be monitoring the service to ensure that this doesn’t further affect your viewing experience.

I’ve found a show I want to watch. Why doesn't the show detail page list any episodes?

If a show page doesn’t list any available videos, this is because the episode has expired. 

Why can't I find the answer to my question?

To help resolve the issue you have experienced, please email and provide the following information:

1. The date and time of issue

2. A summary of the issue you are experiencing (including the following information):

· If the issue is happening on LIVE streaming videos or on-demand, or both.

· The name of the show which is affected (please include the season and episode number)

· Any error messages which were presented.

3. Provide the name of your device.

4. State if you’re using the mobile app or the website

5. Provide the OS version running on your device. This can usually be found in the ‘About’ section of the app

6. Provide the version of the mobile and tablet app or web browser which you're using.