Haunted Towns
One of the most passionate paranormal investigation teams in America, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, explore the stories behind the most haunted and terrifying locations in the United States.

Season 2 | 8 Episodes

  • {E}01: Voodoo On The Bayou

    E01: Voodoo On The Bayou

    The team head to Louisiana’s rumoured paranormally charged Manchac Swamp. They’re the first team to ever investigate the site of America’s largest slave revolt.
    Dur: 43 Min
  • {E}02: Phantoms Of The Frontier

    E02: Phantoms Of The Frontier

    The team head to the “Gateway to the West” hoping to witness the spirits of murderers. They try to uncover what is haunting the citizens of Missouri.
    Dur: 43 Min
  • {E}03: Wraith Revenge

    E03: Wraith Revenge

    The team head to Wyoming to investigate a former frontier town known for the botched hanging of a notorious criminal. Is he seeking revenge from the afterlife?
    Dur: 43 Min
  • {E}04: Ghosts Of The Gallows

    E04: Ghosts Of The Gallows

    The team head to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. Here, they hope to encounter the spirits of two infamous murderers who are rumoured to haunt the building.
    Dur: 43 Min
  • {E}05: Vigilante Vengeance

    E05: Vigilante Vengeance

    The team are in unchartered territory as they go to Montana. They’re investigating the streets of Virginia City, known for its mass hangings and excessive crime.
    Dur: 43 Min
  • {E}06: Five Miles From Hell

    E06: Five Miles From Hell

    The team head to Port Townsend, Washington. Here, they investigate the crimes, curses and angry spirits that locals believe are haunting the town.
    Dur: 43 Min
  • {E}07: Darkness In The Underworld

    E07: Darkness In The Underworld

    The team head to Pendleton, Oregon. They are investigating a forgotten town that has a maze of tunnels leading to a mysterious underworld.
    Dur: 44 Min
  • {E}08: Wrath Of The Fire Goddess

    E08: Wrath Of The Fire Goddess

    The team experience extreme terror when they visit Hilo, Hawaii. They investigate rumours of voices from the underground – what will they discover?
    Dur: 43 Min